Freitag, November 20, 2009

Holidays in Sicily travel and enjoy La Sicilia

Sicily is not only the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. And it is not only the part of Italy. Sicily is like a country. It is not only a province or a region, but the whole country with its own language, cuisine, traditions and its unique rhythm. Kindness and cordiality are appreciated here not less than money. Smile is a symbol of hospitality.

Sicily is like the universe in miniature, like a steam-boiler in which Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were hard pressed together with arabs, normans and bizantines. As a result we have a magnificent “soup” made up of masterpieces of the world architecture, the sea, the sun, the olive groves, lemons, rosemary and lots of legends, which are difficult to believe, but which are real truth. But the word “soup” is practically not used on Sicily. So let it be “minestrone”.

We can’t speak about Sicily using a French word “a la”. This island is Authentic from the roots of orange trees till the Ethna crater, from the foundation of the ancient Sellinunt till the grievously known tiled Corleone. We can’t say that Sicily is like something. We may say that something is like Sicily.

Sicily is not the place for idleness. It is the place for spending holidays. Holidays on Sicily are like an enchanting sight. Here the nature starts its exciting dance of saltarello which is continued by antique theatres of Sirakuses, temple squares of Palermo, fishing boats of Taormina, luxurious villas of filmstars and patio in the peasants’ houses of Caltanissetta.

Sicily is considered to be one of the poorest regions of Italy. But the poor people of Sicily are different from the poor people of the other world, because they know exactly that if they leave Sicily they might be able to become rich, but surely they will lost the island which they loved. Sicily is faithful to those, who are devoted to the island. That is why the people of Sicily give all their hearts to their motherland. They can’t but love this place because there are all things here which help them to enjoy their lives.

I'm German and live here on this wonderful Island since 2001 and that is exactly what I'm thinking about my Sicily