Montag, September 15, 2008

Grimaldi Racing Team

The drivers, together with their racing cars, will be travelling on a Grimaldi liner to Catania on Thursday for the event which takes place at Nicolosi on Sunday. The six drivers are: David Anastasi, Joshua Anastasi, John Zammit, Matthew Zammit, Zach Zammit, and Steve Zammit Cutajar.
Five of these drivers only recently returned from a very successful event at Cesaro where Zach Zammit and Joshua Anastasi finished first and second overall, ahead of current Italian champion Carmelo Scaramozzino. All five Maltese competitors in fact won their respective classes, with Matthew and Steve also placing in the top 10. “The Cesaro hill climb has been an unprecedented success for local sport,” said a delighted team manager Joe Anastasi, who is also chairman of the Malta Motorsport Federation. “We won absolutely everything there was to win and our drivers impressed not only through their speed on the track but also through the turnout and performance of their cars and their sporting behaviour throughout the event. I cannot but feel proud of them all.” Apart from the six Grimaldi drivers another six Maltese competitors will be making the trek across to the Etna where over 230 entries from all over Sicily and Southern Italy are expected. All 12 Maltese competitors will be racing under the Maltese flag with competition licences issued by the Malta Motorsport Federation.