Dienstag, April 01, 2008

Sicilian Carts of Raffaele La Scala

A look at the historic Sicilian Cart, or Carretto Siciliano
We are honored to have had the opportunity to view the famous carts of Raffaele La Scala, who made Sicilian carts in Agrigento. The collection includes large and small carts, elaborately decorated. Painting, wood carving, and ironwork are all essential arts of the maestro carradore or master cart maker.
The illustrations painted on the carts are usually of important historic events in Sicily, originally meant to keep in memory the turning points of local history for those who couldn't read.
Sicilian carts were meant to be drawn by donkeys, especially for hard work along rough terrain. They could be drawn by horses as well. Some were used at weddings and festive occasions.
We would like to thank Marcello La Scala for allowing us to view and take pictures of his father's carts which he and his son maintain in their home and workshop in Agrigento, Sicily. Marcello campaigns tirelessly for a museum for the carts, but the government has so far refused his requests. That's a shame. >>>